Why Customer Service is Important in the Freight Transport Industry —


Why Customer Service is Important in the Freight Transport Industry —

In the world of freight transport, it’s vital that businesses and customers respect one another. In particular, it’s important for businesses to offer good customer service and to keep customers aware of what’s happening. When customers are left in the dark, they aren’t happy, and that’s not good for anyone at all. But why is customer service so important? And is it something your business is currently getting right or not?

Freight transport businesses in Brisbane and across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are trying to succeed and improve. But if your business hasn’t yet achieved a satisfactory standard of customer service, that’s what you should be focusing on. To find out why it matters and what kind of difference it can make to the success of a company operating in the freight transport industry, we’re going to talk about its importance below. Read on to find out more.

Every Customer is Unique and Matters

It might sound like an obvious thing to highlight, but many companies forget that customers aren’t just numbers on a screen. They’re real people with unique needs and expectations. If you’re not willing to treat them as such, they will feel that the customer service you’re offering really isn’t good enough at all.

Each customer matters and if you’re not offering each unique customer a positive customer experience, they’ll feel unappreciated and unhappy with what you’re offering. No business should ever want its customers to feel let down in any way because that’s how you lose customers and eventually fall behind the competition. So, try to treat each customer as unique and listen to their needs.

Times and Schedules Matter at Both Ends

In the freight transport industry, timing and schedules matter. They matter to the freight companies themselves, but it also matters to the customers at the other end as well. Sure, you might be aware when problems arise and when delays occur, but many bigger companies don’t share that kind of information with customers.

If you want to offer a customer service experience that your customer can be truly satisfied with, you should go out of your way to ensure your customers are notified of delivery progress and expected arrival times, also letting them know when those things change. Those details matter to customers just as much as they matter to your business.

Good Customer Communication Reduces Problems and/or Confusion

A huge part of good customer service is communication. When you communicate well with your customers, it reduces the number of problems you’re likely to experience and the confusion those customers might have regarding the services you offer. It doesn’t take much to improve customer communication, but it will make a huge difference.

You’ll spend a lot less time firefighting and dealing with confused customers if you simply go further to keep customers in the loop and to tell them what’s going on. A lack of communication is always damaging in any business, but in this industry, it can be even worse. Don’t fall into that trap.

It’s All About Trust

Customer service is directly linked to the trust between customers and businesses. If you don’t take your customer service to the next level, you could end up losing the trust of your customers. Businesses tend to be most trusted by their customers when they take customer service seriously and serve their customers well.

The better your business gets at building trust with customers, the stronger those customer relationships will become, making brand loyalty much more likely. That’s something that just about every business can benefit from, so it can’t be dismissed as you work to improve your business. Trust matters a lot when dealing with customers.

A Personal Touch Matters

A personal touch can go a long way when you’re dealing with customers because it helps to confirm to them that you actually care about their needs and aren’t just treating them in the same generic way you’d deal with every other customer. It makes customers feel appreciated and strengthens those business-customer relationships that are so vital.

There are lots of different ways to offer that kind of personal touch. You could take time to talk to customers directly, follow up after the service is complete to see if there’s anything else you can do to help. Those are just a few examples among many more of how you can deliver a personal touch to your customers.

Freight Transportation Needn’t be a Headache for Customers

When handled incorrectly and when customer service is not handled properly, freight transportation can be a hassle and a headache for customers. But that’s clearly not the way it should be. A strong service that takes the needs of customers into account and involves good communication makes the whole service easier for customers.

No business should make life harder for their customers. Instead, it should be about making the lives of customers easier and offering them a service that removes stress from their lives. Make that your top aim and your customers will be happy with your service.

Bigger Companies Can Let You Down in This Department

It’s often the bigger and more successful companies that take customers for granted and fall short when it comes to customer service. Whether your business is big, small or somewhere in between, you need to keep in mind the importance of offering customers a service that they can rely on.

For small business owners, customer service is one thing you can take advantage of if you do it well. It can be used as a way to show that your business is preferable to the bigger options out there. People like to know that they’re going to receive good customer service, and that could work in your favour.

Freight transport services require the best customer service, and that’s what we look to offer here at Compass Transport. We understand the importance of staying in contact with customers and keeping them in the loop regarding things like delivery times. The same principles should apply to every business.



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