How to Reduce Your Freight Costs

Want to reduce your business freight transport costs in Brisbane and beyond? All roads point to Compass Transport QLD.

Whether you call it freight transport, shipping, or product consignment doesn’t matter. There is no question that successfully getting sold goods from your company premises to the client is one of the most crucial elements of the entire business operation. Unfortunately, the vast majority of owners are guilty of needlessly overspending on this part of the process.

As experts in the field on freight transportation, Compass Transport is here to help businesses throughout Brisbane and the surrounding areas learn how to cut the costs and increase the quality of their freight services quickly and easily.


Brisbane Freight Transport


Why Does Finding The Best Freight Service Matter?

When operating a modern business, trimming the fat from your expenditure is the perfect way to increase profit margins without increasing product prices. This can only be great news for the consumer as well as the company, which is why you should be eager to improve this aspect of the operation in any way possible. Freight costs are a leading candidate.

While freight transport is a necessary part of any business model, accepting the inadequate service you’re currently receiving is never the best solution. Compass Transport can often help businesses achieve savings of up to 15%. When you are sending out several shipments per day, those savings will soon add up.

Money is a crucial factor, and the financial barometer will always play an integral role in any decision process. However, providing your clients with the best possible service is equally crucial. Poor freight transport services in which deliveries are delayed or products are damaged will undo all of the excellent work you’ve achieved elsewhere. When the clients are unhappy, they will not return.


Low costs + high quality = freight transport success. The formula couldn’t be simpler, and Compass Transport makes the process easier than you ever imagined.


Freight Services That Are Right For You

When analysing different freight transport services it’s very easy to assume that every company is virtually the same. On the contrary, the seemingly subtle variances can make all the difference. While choosing a company that offers a generic service that’s adequate without being spectacular may sound fine at a glance, the key to success lies in finding one that works for you.

To do this, you must ask yourself the following questions regarding your freight needs;


  • How often and how far will goods need to be transported?
  • What is the average size and weight of a package?
  • What level of service is best suited to your requirements?


Our experts are more than happy to discuss those requirements as well as our three packages of Same Day, Express, and Overnight deliveries to determine the best service and the most appropriate structure of rates.


Simply choosing the right type of service will inevitably help you make the freight transport budget work harder than ever before.


What Can Compass Transport Do For You?

At Compass Transport, we take great pride not only in providing the right price but also offering the best standards. To do this, we provide a comprehensive freight transport service that covers all the bases. Before making the switch to our shipping service, we can provide clarity on why it is the smartest move possible. Here’s how:


Gap Analysis

Many of our clients find that there is a gap between the service standards and the services that they are receiving. Our experts can analyse the current situation you are getting before showing you how switching to Compass Transport will increase the quality of service on offer.

There’s no pressure to act upon those findings, but we believe that seeing this information with clarity will give you the incentive to make a change.


Service Specifications

As already mentioned, the best freight transport service is one that is built around your requirements. The ability to tailor the service to your specifications is one of the key factors that allows us to provide great value as well as the perfect service.

We identify your specifications before matching the most appropriate tier of service to them. Likewise, we use freight data of the right quantity and detail. We’ll even build bundles to ensure your freight transport budget works harder.

For a bespoke shipping service built with the best interests of your business and clients in mind, Compass Transport is the obvious answer.


Strategy Assessment

We know that you’ll only stay loyal to us if we give you a reason to. Our knowledge is used not only to provide the best service today but also for years to come. We provide the perfect balance of freight cost and service so that Brisbane businesses like yours can choose us with confidence.

Moreover, we regularly review the strategies that are in place to see if there is any way for us to amend your package for even better value. We bet that your current freight transport doesn’t do that.



Our experts are happy to implement the new plan right away, but we know that the transitional phase from your current provider can feel quite daunting. We can help you through the process to make the switch as smooth as possible to ensure that you don’t suffer due to the poor dealings of your existing transport company.

We’ll support you with every aspect of the move. After all, logistics is our speciality.



Leaving products in the hands of an external company can be daunting, but we remove any doubts by providing great communication throughout. You are welcome to contact us with enquiries at any time. Our responses are as rapid as our deliveries.

We strongly believe that communication is the key to healthy business relationships. By providing this, along with the quality service, you could not ask for anything more.


What Next?

Whether your Brisbane-based business is looking for its first freight transport partner or simply wants to upgrade its current service, Compass Transport is here to help.

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