About Us

Coming from a long family line in the transport industry I started out as an Express Courier in 1986 within the Brisbane metropolitan area working mainly in the CBD. This was a great introduction into customer service- face to face and created the basis of a professional service, which I adhere to, to this day. Having worked with many men and women over the years, I learned from all of them, the good things to do and say and how to treat people and earn respect. As I was quite young at the time it also helped develop the person I am today.

After about three years I left the industry to pursue other interests and obtained a degree in Science and a certificate in business practices, and after a short time thereafter, I was back behind the wheel again doing what I do best. I transported everything from envelopes to cartons, pallets, and 6m bundles of pipe. Anything that would fit on the tray including water tanks and even a dragline motor, used in the mining industry. It is referred to as the ugly stuff, or the stuff no one wants to touch because it’s too difficult.

This led to a great grounding in the industry and the experience put me in control of a fleet of 45 vehicles despatching approximately 350 jobs per day in a very fast paced courier company.

After 10 years despatching, it was time to go back on the road again and Compass Transport Qld Pty Ltd was born.

  • Same Day

  • Compass Transport are the same-day delivery specialists. Unlike many other shipping companies, same-day collection and delivery is our standard service. We guarantee that your shipment will be with the recipient the same day.
  • Express

  • We understand that sometimes even same day isn’t fast enough. You need something – or your customer needs something – NOW. Whatever it is, we can help! Our express service guarantees that your urgent orders will be in the right place, at the right time.
  • Overnight

  • If you need to ship something outside of the areas Compass Transport normally services, we can offer Overnight shipping, dependent on availability.

    Contact us to see if we can help.

If you need something shipped call us on 0426 268 184 or email us for a free quotation or to book your shipment

Our Vehicle

At Compass Transport, we know how important it is that your suppliers are reliable, flexible, and professional. Customer service lies at the heart of everything we do. Not all trucks are created equal, so when we chose our truck, we carefully considered exactly what you needed. For that reason, we chose the UD MK5.

The UD MK5 is a 10 pallet tautliner/curtainsider, which also features gates for added security during transport. This curtainside design offers a number of benefits over pantecs or those that need tarpaulins.

Tarpaulins take a considerable time to remove and replace, especially if it rains. In comparison, tautliners can reduce collection and delivery times by over an hour. Pantecs have limited access to the contents, while tautliners allow easy access to all parts of the freight, making it easier to load and unload partial loads, and speeding up multi-drops.

In terms of shipment size, the UD MK5 offers a 4500kg carrying capacity and a 2 tonne tailgate lifter. This provides our clients with the flexibility to ship orders of all shapes and sizes, from a single crate to a full load.

Our Delivery Areas

Customer service is at the heart of everything Compass Transport does. As a Brisbane -based transport company, we are proud to serve our local area, its businesses and residents. As well as delivering within Brisbane, we work with customers across the region.

Our standard delivery area extends to Gympie on the Sunshine Coast, Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast, and as far inland as Toowoomba.

If you need something shipped within these areas, call us on 0426 268 184 or contact us by email for a free quotation or to book your shipment.

If you need something shipped call us on 0426 268 184 or email us for a free quotation or to book your shipment.