5 Stories About Custom Freight that Seem Unbelievable But are True

5 Stories About Custom Freight that Seem Unbelievable But are True

If there’s one thing that you can rely on with Compass Transport QLD, it’s our discretion. As a professional company, we can be relied on to make your custom freight delivery no matter what.

We know that you want things delivered and you want it delivered yesterday, and that’s one of the best things about us: we will deliver on time! We’re all about the experience, and you won’t want to go anywhere else after using our service. You’ll be able to track your delivery, and we’ll keep in touch personally with the details so that you can keep hold of your peace of mind while its on the road.

No matter what, Compass Transport QLD will always meet your expectations and requirements, and we will bend over backwards to get you the service that you need. We’re all about the reliable, flexible service that you need, and that means that we deliver what you need when you need it delivered. For many years, we’ve loved to share stories about our time on the road, and we’ve come across some funny shipments in the past.

When you spend time on the road as much as we do, you know you have to find ways to amuse yourself to keep yourself alert and awake. Being in the shipping business, we’re used to moving all sorts of weird and wonderful shipments, but some of the custom freight that we move has had us laughing! Let’s take a look at five stories about custom freight that would sound unbelievable, but are the truth!

The Snail Stopping

There are many reasons that shipping containers are stopped, but almost all containers are pulled for a customs examination. This isn’t unusual, and simply just the way things are with the borders. However, this particular day, a customs officer noticed that there was something to worry about – enough to quarantine a shipment and delay a delivery for a month. Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Well, there’s no chemicals here, or wasp nests, or giant tarantulas, but a snail. A tiny, ordinary snail had delayed a whole shipment for four weeks while it was fumigated and the “killer snail” had been “neutralized.”

The Abandoned T-Shirts

When customers order from abroad, you expect that they check what they’re ordering and know that – with large amounts – they are happy with it before paying. Well, there was once a customer who wanted to import t-shirts, so found a supplier and placed a smooth order. Except it wasn’t all that smooth on arrival when 1,562 pallets of individual t-shirts arrived for the customer – who had by then, changed his mind!

The Dead Chickens

There has been a story reported previously where a driver was asked to collect and transport twelve live chickens. These chickens were perfectly healthy on collection and loaded up without any problems. On arrival to their destination, the driver unloaded the vehicle to find every single chicken dead. Was it a mystery, or was it a case of the bumpy road on the way made for popcorn chicken and the birds just couldn’t handle it?

The Unusual Passenger

Most people like to play games on the road, but truck drivers are often honking at one another as they pass. Those who are in freight know that there are plenty of ways to stay alert on the road, and one way is by not staring into other trucks as they pass – it’s distracting. It’s even more distracting when someone wants to ship a life-sized stuffed gorilla, and it was so big that it had to be belted next to the driver at the front of the truck! There’s nothing like driving past and spotting a gorilla in the front seat – bound to be distracting. Moral of the story here is that maybe put gorillas in a cage – whether stuffed or not!

The Tetris Truck

The one game that those in freight play often is Truck Tetris. It’s not because the trucks need to fit together, but when shipments of odd-shaped cargo come in, such as pizza ovens and large kitchen appliances, they have to fit. So, a game of mega Tetris ensues! You can picture truckers of all heights and abilities trying to fit together these cargo containers and – at the end – finding out that they’ve put the orders into the container in the wrong pattern for delivery. Chaos; utter chaos!

There are plenty of stories from the logistics and freight industry that make you laugh, give you the creeps and even make you smile – all you have to do is trust us that we will make your delivery without any worry! Just – put the gorilla in the crate, okay?



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