Different Kinds of Freight Services

Different Kinds of Freight Services

Freight shipping is transporting cargo, commodities, and goods by sea, air, or land. The different freight services are offered during transportation of cargo from point A to B and even point C if need be. Freight services ensure your cargo gets to its destination in time, safe, and in an economical manner.

Here are different types of freight services:

1. Air Freight

Air freight shipping is typically used to transport cargo that is light and time-sensitive. It is the fastest means of transporting cargo. The disadvantage of this mode of shipping is that it is not cost-effective.

2. Sea Freight

It is the slowest but the most cost-effective means of cargo transport. It allows for the easy transportation of bulky goods across international waters. Knowing your type of cargo can help you decide on which sea freight service to use.

There are two ways of determining your type of load;

  • Less than Container Load (LCL) allows for shipment of small amounts of cargo that can’t fill a container along with other goods headed to the same destination. The volume taken by the goods determines the cost.
  • Full Container Load (FCL) allows for the transportation of goods to fill a 20-40-foot container. The rate doesn’t change and is usually lower than LCL.

The common types of sea freight services are;

Container Ship

This accommodates a certain number of containers ferrying cargo from one place to another. The container is a box sealed containing the owners’ materials.

General Cargo Ship

General cargo shipping is preferred as it can accommodate large capacities of cargo. The ship has two decks, which allow for transportation of various cargo types from containers, bulk cargo to cargo bags.

Bulk Carrier Ship

It is the most commonly used means of sea freight shipping. It can only carry one type of cargo and doesn’t carry containers. The ship is a single-decker and usually carries raw materials.

Tanker Ship

It is the least common means of sea cargo transport as it only transports highly dangerous materials. The tanker ship typically transports oil; hence, it is filled with a high-quality safety system and ensures the onboard crew members’ safety.

3. Land Freight

Land freight service is the standard and most used means of shipping. It is the most economical and convenient way of transport, whether time-sensitive or not.

There are several types of land transport.

Truck delivery

This is the most used mode for delivering large scale goods on time. Truck delivery ensures professional drivers to get your goods safely to you. Trucks also usually get fast and easy clearance through gateways. There are several types of truck delivery;

  • Less than Truckload. It is an economical means of transporting small goods that can’t be fitted into a truck. Your cargo is mixed with others to save on cost and time. Your cargo goes through several transportation hubs and trucks before getting to you.
  • Truckload. This mode of transport utilizes all available space in a truck. It is best suited for transporting cargo requiring more space or to be kept under particular conditions. It is also faster and safer as cargo is not transferred from truck to another before getting to you.

Rail delivery

This means of shipping is cheaper for transporting large bulky goods via land. It is most preferred for transporting hazardous and bulky cargo over long distances. Trucks are still needed to get the cargo to its final destination eventually.

4. Expedited Freight Service

This service is used for perishable and time-sensitive cargo. It ensures cargo gets to its destination on time. Trucks are driven continuously and commonly uses air freight services for long-distance transportation. The carrier is usually under contract to deliver the goods by your specific delivery timeline. This service is shared among supply chains.

5. Intermodal Freight Service

Intermodal freight service is the transportation of cargo through multiple means of transport, mainly by containers. It is usually applicable to rail and road transportation of cargo. This service reduces the time wasted in transferring cargo from one vehicle to another through direct handling, making it the best means of transport for brittle cargo. It is a very reliable means of transportation, as it usually combines various freight services for the most cost-effective and timely delivery.


Freight services offer you a means to transport your cargo safely and timely over long distances. There are several freight services available for both local and overseas transportation. You only need to determine the one that fits your needs and is pocket friendly.


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