4 Crazy Things We’ve Carried as Freight


4 Crazy Things We’ve Carried as Freight

The freight transport business is as interesting as it is diverse. When most people think about a business like ours, you instantly assume we spend our days carrying the same freight over and over again. That’s partially true, hours and hours are spent each week transporting typical goods in our trucks for various clients. We do carry boring things, but every now and then something pops up that gets talked about for years!

Today, we’re going to reveal the four craziest things we’ve carried as freight, along with some equally crazy explanations about the jobs. You’ll be amazed at the things we’ve been asked to carry over the years…

#1 A full-size gorilla

Okay, not a real one! Even we don’t have the expertise to move a full-size proper gorilla as freight, but we have had to move a fake one before. It was absolutely massive – as you can imagine – and we had a lot of fun transporting it to the client’s required destination. The most important thing to consider was that it stayed securely in place at all times. What better way to ensure this than by giving it the front seat with all the safety considerations!

Yes, this did mean we were driving around with a full-size, life-like gorilla in the passenger seat with a seatbelt on and arm on the door. The trick was to slow down and avoid driving too fast, particularly when near pedestrians. It’s safe to say we got a lot of double-takes and shocked looks on that day as many passers-by thought we had a proper gorilla in the front seat with us. Freight like this is what the job is all about; it just makes the day more enjoyable for everyone.

#2 A two-tonne oven

Normally, ovens aren’t anything special and we can deal with them extremely easily. However, this oven was from a shop, so it was one of those massive industrial ones. For context, a male hippo can weigh around two tonnes, so that tells you how big and heavy this oven was!

In terms of difficulty, this is probably the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. The sheer size and weight of the oven meant we needed a whole team of people to get the oven out of the shop. It takes a lot of patience to achieve this and move something so heavy without anyone getting injured. Thankfully, we have an excellent team here, so we were able to get it out with no issues at all. From here, the forklift took care of the rest and we transported the freight to its new destination.

#3 A spa bath

Now, spa baths are generally pretty large and bulky items. They’re hard enough to move and transport, but things are even harder when the owner of the spa bath comes unprepared. This job started well; we managed to get the spa bath onto the truck once we’d arrived, then got set for the journey. We were told a forklift was on-site, ready to help us remove the spa from the truck.

Unfortunately, the owner informed us he couldn’t afford one. So, we’re stuck with a massive spa bath on our truck and no way of getting it off. It was time to improvise! We used two lengths of timber, around six metres long each, and slid the spa down the wood to the ground. It wasn’t pretty, but we got the job done with no damage to the spa – and with no help from the owner.

#4 Four million crickets

Yep, you’ve read that correctly.

When a client told us to transport some crickets for them, we thought nothing of it. Sure, it’s no bother, we thought, how hard can it be? Logistically, it wasn’t that challenging. This was more on the courier side of the industry as we loaded some crickets into a large van.

What we weren’t told was that there were around 200 small cartons of the crickets, amounting to 4 million of the little fellas in total. It was a 40-minute trip, which included a lot of chirping the entire time. Rest assured, by the time the job was over, we’d lost our minds!

This goes to show the sheer diversity of what can be transported as freight through our business. From life-size gorillas to tiny crickets; there’s really nothing we can’t move for our clients.

Talk to us today about your need for freight services in Brisbane. Let’s get you moving in no time at all.


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